Company Formation in Finland

Adcount offers company formation and registration services in Finland. With over 10 years of experience, our dedicated team can undertake the whole process of registering a company in Finland with supporting accounting, tax, and payroll services.

Our company registration service is a sure way to get everything correct from the first application! Registration of a company in Finland requires knowledge and understanding of Finnish which can be quite overwhelming. Even the slightest mistake can prolong or even truncate the registration process and increase costs of company formation. You will benefit from simplicity, security, and speedy service with no hidden charges. We offer company registration in form of company formation package, that includes everything you need.

Our company formation package includes:

  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Help with corporate bank account opening
  • Checking eligibility of applicants and composition of the board of directors
  • Name research for selected company name
  • All required documents: articles of association, meeting minutes etc.
  • Accountant as a contact person for Finnish authorities
  • Filing of start-up notification
  • Support throughout the process and after the registration

Company Formation Packages

Limited Company

Limited Company (“osakeyhtiö”) is the most popular company form in Finland. Limited liability company is a corporate structure where the members of the company cannot be held personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. A limited company formation requires at least two persons: one ordinary member of the board of directors and one deputy member, both must have a permanent place of residence in the European Economic Area (EEA). CEO is optional, but if selected, must also be a resident of EEA. NEW! Starting from 1.7.2019 share capital payment is no longer required: Limited company can be now set up in Finland without capital contribution or banking.

Branch in Finland

A foreign company can establish a business in Finland through a branch office (“sivuliike”). Branch is a company trading from a fixed place of business in the company’s name and on its behalf. For example, if a Swedish company “Volvo AB” registers a branch in Finland, it would form “Volvo AB, Finnish Branch” and report only its income in Finland for taxation. Branch formation does not require Finnish bank account (it’s optional, and we help with bank opening) or share capital payment, but it does require a legal address and a representative resident of EEA. We help companies from outside EEA to acquire permissions to set up a branch in Finland.

Subsidiary in Finland

A subsidiary is a limited company where shares are owned by its foreign parent company. The subsidiary cannot have the same company name as its parent company; register a branch for this purpose. A branch and a subsidiary have slightly different formation processess, requirements, and taxation. We will assist in choosing the right company form and register a subsidiary for your company in Finland.

Private Trader

A resident in the European Economic Area (EEA) can operate as a private trader (“toiminimi”) in Finland. Private trade or sole trader is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get a business ID and start a business in Finland. This company form has no share capital or bank account requirements.

Registration to Finnish Tax Registers

Tax registrations to Finnish VAT register and employer register are included in all of our company formation packages, but a foreign company can also register to tax registers without having to establish an entity in Finland or form a permanent establishment in taxation. Obtain Finnish VAT number to do VAT filings or join employer register to employ in Finland. Our accountants will help you to evaluate the permanent establishment risk of your operations.

Registered Company Address

A legal company address in Finland is required in some company formations to receive documents from Trade Register, Tax Administration, and bank. Registered address is filed to these departments, and can be used on your website and distributed to customers. With our virtual address you can add your company’s presence in Finland with a prestigious address (Aleksanterinkatu 15) in the center of Helsinki. We offer virtual office service. Our virtual office services include receiving, scanning, and mail forwarding to your e-mail.