Payroll services Finland

Payroll Services Finland

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Accounting firm Adcount in Finland is a reliable payroll provider in that offers high-quality payroll outsourcing services for international and global companies, subsidiaries, and branches but also local small businesses.

We will help your company to act as an employer in Finland from the beginning to the end of your activity or project in Finland. We offer:

  • Employer Registration in Finland
  • Setting up statutory insurances and occupational health care
  • Payroll administration and HR support
  • Statutory payroll reporting

Working as your local payroll partner in Finland, we will ensure that your company complies with all laws, regulations, collective agreements, and meets the reporting obligations in Finland. Our payroll service is electronic, paperless, and complies with GDPR.

Foreign Company as an Employer in Finland

In cross-border employment, reporting obligations arise when an employee works or is insured in Finland. In this case, salaries are reported to Income Register. Foreign company might also have tax, social security and occupational health care related employer obligations in Finland.

Our payroll experts can set up all statutory social insurances, occupational health care, and work as your local contact for insurance companies.

Adcount's payroll services in Finland cover all the reporting obligations of a foreign employer. Obligations of a foreign employer in Finland depend on whether or not the company is considered to have a permanent establishment in Finland. Learn more: Permanent establishment and corporate income tax in Finland.

How to Set Up Payroll in Finland?

To start payroll in Finland, company needs to register to Employer Register. With our registration service, your employer registration will be successful at once. We process registration remotely in just one working day. In total, company registration takes about 3-5 weeks (depending on handling time in Tax Administration) after which your company is ready to start payroll in Finland.

Our Employer Registration Service Includes:

  • Registering your company to Finland
  • Support of our consultant throughout the registration
  • Our consultant as a contact person for the authorities
  • A follow-up of the registration process

Employer registration will not form an entity or permanent establishment in Finland. If you are looking to set up an entity, employer registration is also included in all of our company formation packages as part of tax registration.

Employer Contributions in Finland

How much employer pays social contributions in Finland? How much net pay employee gets? To understand employer contributions, salary tax, net pay and total cost of employment in Finland, find our free employer contributions breakdown in Excel-form:

Download free salary cost simulation

How We Help with Payroll Administration and HR Support

Our payroll administration services in Finland ensure correct and timely payment of salaries and taxes. To support your company's payroll in Finland, we offer following payroll administration services:

  • Producing pay slips
  • Statutory reporting and employer payments
  • Payroll support and payroll consulting
  • Working as a local payroll contact for your employees
  • Employment contract drafting

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