Payroll Services

Outsourced Payroll Services in Finland

Adcount offers high-quality outsourced payroll services in Finland. Our payroll customers are international and global companies, subsidiaries and branches in Finland, and local small businesses.

Working as your local payroll partner in Finland, we will ensure that your company complies with all laws, regulations, and collective agreements in Finland and meets the reporting obligation. Our payroll service is electronic, paperless, and complies with GDPR.

Payroll service includes:
- producing payslips;
- calculating wages, social contributions, withheld taxes;
- statutory reporting (incomes register, tax administration, and insurance companies); and
- employer payments.

HR and Payroll Administration

To support payroll, we also offer HR and payroll administration services like full payroll support in Finland, HR legal services, employment contract drafting, payroll consulting, setting up compulsory insurances, and working as a local contact person for your staff.

Employer Registration in Finland

Becoming an employer in Finland starts with registering to Tax Administration's Employer Register. With our registration service, your employer registration will be successful at once! We do employer registration in just one working day. Registration takes usually 1-2 weeks to finalize, depending on handling time in Tax Administration.

Employer registration service includes:
- preparation of all necessary documents for Tax Authority;
- support of our consultants before, during, and after the registration process;
- a contact person for Tax Administration;
- submitting, receiving, and resending the registration papers electronically; and
- a follow-up of the registration process.

Employer Registration in Finland:
€500 (VAT 0%)

Employer registration is also included in all of our company formation packages.

EU Companies and Employer Obligations

An EU company can register to Finnish Employer Register without forming a permanent establishment in taxation or having to establish a business entity in Finland. An european company looking to employ in Finland might have tax and social security related employer obligations to fulfil. In cross-border employment, reporting obligations usually arise when an employee works in Finland for over 6 months. Obligations of a foreign employer in Finland depend on whether or not the company is considered to have a permanent establishment in Finland. Our consultants will help your company to evaluate the permanent establishment risk and handle all the obligations of a foreign employer.

Statutory Insurances in Finland

Statutory social insurances in Finland are pension insurance, unemployment insurance, group health insurance, accident insurance, and social contribution payment. Part of pension and unemployment insurance payments are deducted from an employee’s wage, and part is paid by the company. Other insurances are paid by the company based on salary estimate. All insurance percentages are fixed and based on paid salary.

Adcount’s payroll experts can set up all statutory insurances for your company and work as a payroll contact for insurance companies. At the end of the year, we will file the annual salary reports to insurance companies.

Set-up Payroll in Finland
or Register as an Employer

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Adcount is an accounting firm in Helsinki, Finland founded in 2005. With a focus on small businesses' inexpensive bookkeeping and payroll services, Adcount offers a wide range of accounting services for both local and foreign companies in Finland. All three of Adcount's experienced and professional accountants speak fluent English, and most reports are made available in English.