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Holvi Accounting

Holvi Certified Partner in Helsinki

We are an Holvi Certified Partner accounting firm that offers accounting and bookkeeping services that work seamlessly with Holvi. We are located in Helsinki, but our services are fully remote and you can become our customer from anywhere. We do Holvi accounting for private traders and limited companies. Our accountants are experienced in Holvi-bookkeeping and have done hundreds of Holvi-accountings.

What is Holvi?

Holvi is business banking for the self-employed and small businesses. It offers a low-cost bank account, business card, invoicing and bookkeeping tools, where you can upload your receipts. Holvi is available in English and is suitable for non-Finnish entrepreneurs. Holvi has become popular alternative for regular banking, as it is a more affordable and easier way to get a corporate bank account. The monthly fee starts from 6 € + vat.

Bookkeeping and Accounting with Holvi

All you need to do is add receipts to your Holvi transactions and we’ll do the rest! We review the receipts and accounting material from Holvi with our accountant's credentials and do your bookkeeping. There are no extra accounting fees for using Holvi as a bookkeeping app - We always offer an accounting service for a fixed fee! Accounting services and reports are available in English.

Holvi Discount code

Get Holvi Pro for 2 months -50% with our partner discount code. Use this discount code by registering from this link. The discount is available for new customers only.

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